Why do guys in college just want to hookup?

Maybe it's my social circle because I'm involved in greek life and frat guys really are stereotypical douche bags. I'm not a one night stand kind of girl. I actually am a virgin (only made out with guys) and when I like someone I want to get to know them and hang out with them. I'm not against making out and stuff but nothing farther than that especially if I'm hanging out with you for the first time, and I feel like this is what most guys expect.

And I don't want to be the girl who goes over, plays dumb like you really just wanted to "watch a movie" and doesn't put out making you mad or not care about me anymore... it's like a never ending cycle.

I just wish nice guys would come and find me lol. I'm in a sorority that's known for being "slutty" but I'm not like that at all.

Does anyone else feel like this? It just sucks I feel lonely and like guys don't want to really get to know me


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  • Guys that want relationships feel the same way. The men and women looking for hookups are the most active in searching for a partner. So you run into them more often. The people that want relationships are less likely to meet up since they aren't hitting on everything that moves.


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  • Male female ratio.

    Go find some engineers.

  • I'm in a fraternity and feel the same as you. Just meet some guys at places outside of ur sorority... Clubs or class. And get to know them sober.

  • The Patriarchy!

    Or just social stigma. It's actually all social stigma; there's less sex in college than in high school, but you wouldn't know if it unless you looked; a lot of people aren't even getting the fucks.

    • It's probably my social circle then being involved in greek life

    • Indeed.

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  • Because they're young and full of hormones, and a lot of people have a pornified view of college. Focus on your studies honestly, it's what you should be more worried about than having a boyfriend. The more you work on bettering yourself, the more attractive you'll be... to the RIGHT kind of guy.

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