He stopped texting me: did he lose interest?

I was seeing this guy for 6 months casually (hangout and have sex). We got a long really well but it randomly ended and I haven't heard from him in about a month now.

Did he lose interest, or was I too distant?

- he initiated almost every text, accept if he asked me to call him then I would
- we made plans in advance to see eachother every week
- we had a few sleepovers and made breakfast together before
- he was never really into (lip) kissing, and neither putting his arm around me because it is "too intimate" (this happened once)
-when he came over he always liked me talk to me first, and even after hooking up
-I invited him to a few Halloween events with me. Either he was not down or didn't get back to me
- so I started acting more distant.
-he still wanted to make plans but he flopped at last minute. Which he's never done to me before.
- the next time he wanted to hang out at the very last minute which was strange, and pretended I already had plans to look like I'm not waiting on him
-he asked how the Halloween party went and after a few exchanges i stopped replying
-then that weekend he commented on one of my new selfies. I replied.
-never heard from him again
- and now I think he's best friends with his ex gf on snapchat which he never was before

I'm confused as to either he lost interest in me, of since I started acting distant he was annoyed and moved on?


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  • Perhaps his phone died. Wait 7 hours and see what happens.

    • What do you mean? He hasn't texted me in a month so I don't see how you brought up the phone dying excuse..

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    • I agree, most people seem different in person vs over technology. Thanks for your advice :]

    • Yeah, sorry this happened to you. Hopefully it's a learning experience.

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  • lol this is a friends with benefits thing, yeah so get over him.


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  • It sounds like for what ever reason he has moved on. After a month I am not thinking you will hear from him again. I am sorry, it does suck :(

  • Sounds like he got what he wanted and on to the next one now... Sorry but he played u