Ladies, your version of love?

I noticed that many ladies have a different idea of love. Not only that but some have become destressed about it. So whats your version of love and is it working for you?


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  • A few minutes ago>I thought I knew...
    Right now..
    love is just a word

    • No... love is a lock... i just wish you didn't give that person the key... i hope you can ether rekindle things or just try to fix the mess that person gave you... and make your lock into a vault... i hope your love gets better

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    • Really 😏 the day I posted that I was feeling crappy,
      but now I'm 😍 much better 😏

    • well im glad your better now :)

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  • love is patient, love is kind.. anything else and it isn't love, it takes two. we both give 50% ... we never take each other for granted, we help make each other better people, god is our foundation, we can have different interest but we better have each others back and defend each other, support each other in our careers or side hobbies, faithfulness, loyalty.

  • acceptance attraction two-ness

  • I can't really explain it, its like an orgasm. Once it happens you definitely know it's happened.

  • I don't know, it depends on what you've seen growing up. My mom was not in a healthy relationship and put up with lying and cheating and physical abuse. I always speak up for myself and speak my mind, but I'm putting up with a lot of my bf's bull crap.

    It's working well for me though, I guess, he hasn't made the best of choices, he lied and cheated and made excuses. My friends say I can do way better than him.. he's technically a freshman, but told me he's a junior, he kissed his ex at homecoming, and I don't really know anything deep or meaningful about him but he knows some deep and meaningful things about me.

    • i would leave that guy if i were you... if they can't focus on the girl they have then they are not worth your time and attention. your friends were right you are to GREAT for him.

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