Is my friend right? Should I just not give him another chance?

I was dating someone for a couple months and he got stressed out while trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Either go into the army or continue with college. He started getting distant and broke up with me. For the next couple weeks he kept drunk texting me saying sorry for ending things. Then one night he texted me saying he didn't want it to end, that he was just scared about how he felt about me. So I've been talking to him again and he's still going through a lot of stuff, but I would like to give him another chance.

What bothers me is he keeps changing his mind. One day he says he's leaving school to join the military and the very next day he has all these plans to finish college. He just seems really confused about his life. And it's frustrating him so much that he's getting drunk a lot.

The thing is that when I explained the situation to a friend, she told me he's immature and obviously can't hold a stable relationship. She said it will never work because I'm 22, and graduating in a year and he's 19 and still unsure of what he wants to do. And she said the fact that he couldn't fess up to how he was feeling earlier shows he's not an adult at all.

Is she right? I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because we get along so well and have fun together, but should I be rethinking it?


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  • Your friends don't decide you decide cause friend just want to ruin a relationship just to be by your side

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