Please comment your advice/opinions. Does he love me or not? I convinced him to date me for another week even tho he didn't want to. I give points!!?

Break-up: My bf broke up with me b/c he needed space. Said he'll always care about me and still loves me, has a lot of feelings for me and wants to be with me just not right now. I asked if we could just take a break and he said that sounds good.

History: We dated for 7 months. We love eachother. Had a rough month or so but stuck through it.

Recent: I tried no contact for 7 days and finally broke it and saw him 1 night. He clearly missed me & we cuddled. Since I've spent a few more nights with him. He holds me tight. Kisses me passionately & kisses my cheeks/forehead. I didn't have sex with him at 1st. I told him I didn't want to be used and he said he truly cares about me and he doesn't even really talk to other girls. Im the only girl he cares about. He thought I said I love u & he told me he loves me 2. We always hug and kiss goodbye. Feels like he loves me.

Recenter: I convinced him to date me for at least a wk & c where it goes.

1 wk ltr: Finally feels like things are better. He responds to my texts and seems interested. We usually spend nights cuddling close. Today was the first day we hungout all day. Woke up after cuddling and went fishing. He hugged me, kissed me, my forehead & hand, rubbed my legs, held my hands, held me close, smiled a lot, laughed w/me, and seemed happy/in a good mood. Told me he only cared about me catchin a fish. He always holds me and cuddles me. I ask if he loves me &he says of course. After fishing we spent time at his house with his friends for a little bit. When his friends call on the phone he tells them he's with Chelsea (me). He'll hug me with his friends there and after spending time at his house, he even came back to my house to hangout some more. Then his other friends wanted to hangout a few hours later and he left. Leaving he gave me a hug and I said love u. He said love u 2.

W/everything that has happened I still feel confused as to whether he really loves me or no


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  • Men and Women will never understand each other. With understanding, comes confrontation. To answer your question, yes he loves you. But why doesn't he want to be with you? I don't know.

    This is the truth, for all of you girls out there. *Some* guys will use sex as a defining factor if he will stick with you throughout the rest of his life. It sounds dumb, but it is what it is.

    • What do you mean as a defining factor? Men will be with a girl and potentially marry a girl simply for sex?

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  • If he doesn't love you, he sure is hiding it well.
    From what you wrote, everything is fine. If he didn't want to be with you he wouldn't be.


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  • he's already left your relationship emotionally. you can't force that. let him go and work on getting over it.

    • I read it wrong the first time. maybe he was just scared about his feelings and now everythings fine.