This is why I could never get a girlfriend?

i know i am attractive. i get hit on by girls and guys all the time. and im often told that to my face by a person.

on the outside im kind of a douchebag, and i really sort of am deep down, but there's another part of me that does not believe that a girl can have a crush on him.

i think im good looking, smart, and funny, but i just can't wrap my head around the idea of a girl loving me.

in my mind i think, okay, she thinks im good looking now what? like i dont expect girls to see anything else in me other than cute/hot/sexy whatever and that is a problem. what can i do?
being a douchebag does have its pros and cons, some girls like that, and thats jsut sort of my personality. BUT you see plenty of douchey guys getting girlfriends... the problem is, again, i dont believe that a girl can fall in love with me. every time i talk to a girl i feel like she's thinking "yeah you're cute... and then?"


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  • I agree with the othet answerer, kill the douchbag vibe. you won't get a good girl like that. and by no means am I saying I'm someone really attractive person would go after, but if a cute guy came up to me but seemed like a douchbag, I'd turn away. being attractive can only get you so far. but keep tre confidence you have, that's good, just humble yourself a bit, that's all (:

    • i dont want a good girl i like bad girls =D

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  • kill the douchey vibe, and be your self. also go out in public looking your "worst" you'll find a girl for who you are not by just your looks. I personally want looks and personality. and I won't settle. been single for 3 years... i get lonely yes but I only think someone equally attractive deserves me. and also someone who can acknowledge how valuable I am.. that im not some basic bitch.

    • who likes you for who you are , not just your looks... sorry for the typos

    • im saying looks + personality = the whole package

  • Well, what exactly do you have past your appearance? What do you like to do? What are those virtues that you want these romantic interests to see?

    • what do i do? well im 21 years old, i quit school recently to join the military and defend my native country because times are hard right now and i feel like its a debt i need to fill. im such a passionate person with so much love to give, and i already said how im intelligent like i know how to win people over

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    • I really wasn't trying to be malicious, It came off that way in text. but I really wasn't. I said "your not being serious" to address that I get you are telling a joke and I'm not joking in my answer. Jeez, sorry that made me sound like an asshole, pretend that I put an Lol after every sentence or something.

    • its fine. the point is i know that there is a lot past my appearance, but i just dont expect people to see it especially a girl

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