I want to join dating sites but?

I just get so paranoid of the thought of uploading a real picture of me and people I know (people from school, etc.) seeing it.

Some of you are thinking "well don't do it then, idiot", but I'd just like advice on this and I don't like using fake pictures or anything that isn't me.

People who done dating sites, how was it for you?


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  • The way I see it, if someone you know recognizes you on a dating site, they can't say anything because they're on there too. So, yeah. Haha
    Nothing wrong with giving it a shot though. Sometimes it works out. I met my fiance on a dating site.


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  • ok then... here's an idea. wear a mask so you can hide your face, so you can have both a pic of your own, and not stealing another photo from the web

  • Pretty much you're going to have to run that risk... anyway who cares if ur friends see u on a dating site? Most people are on them anyways. :)

  • Eh, it's just a risk you gotta take. Either way, I wouldn't worry about it too much.


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  • You'll get a whole lot less attention on dating sites without a photo but just don't put a photo up, you can send you photo privately to those whom you are interested in. If they ask, which they will, why you have no photo, just tell them its to protect your privacy.

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