My female friends describe me as "the best boyfriend a girl could have" yet I always end up in the friendzone. Whyyyyyy?

Well I know this topic has been beaten into oblivion but here it goes.

I'm tall, good looking, rich, articulate, understanding (as said by my female friends)... Whenever I meet girls it always goes well in the beginning but when it comes to the actual commitment or having sex; they always say "I never thought of you like this" or "I like you only as a friend."

I'm not blaming anyone but myself... can you tell me what exactly is wrong with me and how can I change?

I guess I forgot to mention that I am in India so here its a bit more Conservative so we can't be that open. You can't tell a girl off the bat that you'd like a date. You have to get to know her 1st. Like friends... It's complicated.


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  • uhm i think you are mistaking friendships for courtship which is where you are going wrong. if you are dating a woman and she knows it she won't say that when it comes to sex or commitment because saying that sounds like you just tried it one with one of your friends and they rejected you. try being more forward from the start and you'll see some improvements, dont become a girls friend then expect them to develop feelings for you because thats not how friendships work with girls - if you act like her friend thats all she will see you as.


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  • Here is how it works!


    Start of relationship ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ End of Relationship
    =======|------ -----------[__________________
    A. B. C. D. E. F.

    A: Introduction to Female. Attraction developed
    B:Early relationship inquires. This where you ought to start thinking about asking her out.
    C. ASK THE GIRL OUT. This is the prime time to ask her out. She knows you yet she doesn't know everything about you. She also hasn't dumped you in to the friend zone.
    D. The MIDPOINT. This is the middle point in the relationship. The farther you travel over this line the farther you drift into the friendzone.
    E. LAST CHANCE. This is the last chance you have to make any sort of romantic move.
    F. GAME OVER! You missed it. Your a friend. Next time take my time line more seriously.