Can a girl change her mind if she gets to know someone?

I'm an introvert and there's a girl I'm interested in. We went on a date, and I asked her out again which she accepted and set a date (a few weeks later when she didn't have custody of her daughter), but she backed out the week before.

Between that time she seemed happy to see me. I see her at church (I started going there a few months ago).

I'm just wondering if she could change her mind about me? Since I'm pretty reserved until I get to know someone.

I should add that she also stopped responding to texts, so I've not been pursuing her. I have talked to her a couple of times, but just polite how are you going conversation. It's been a bit awkward since she bailed on the date though.


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  • It's definitely possible, but it doesn't sound lije she's too interested


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  • Same here inni m8 id say so most of my relationships have started as friends. Some shilas seam to think im a grumpy bugger when they first get to know me. That opinion soon changes!