What would stop you contacting someone after making out with them?

Yesterday I met up with a guy who I'd previously been on 2 dates with, a year ago. We've run into each other a couple of times since then and been friendly but nothing more. I was the one who decided to get back in touch with him (after seeing he was still using the dating site we'd me through, and had recently viewed my profile a number of times).

He invited me over for board games (I suggested Saturday afternoon) - it was perfect because it was pouring with rain. Anyway, after the game, one thing led to another and we ended up making out. He wanted things to go a bit further but I said it would be better to take things a bit more slowly, and he agreed, so he seemed content with what we were doing. After a while, we lay there for what seemed like ages, with him just cuddling me. He said he hadn't cuddled with anyone for ages, and was really enjoying it. We stayed like that, just talking, and agreed that it was quite unexpected, but that it was good. He said we'd talk about it later. I had to get going; he walked me out, kissed me again and said "talk soon".

24 hours later, I haven't heard from him. Any ideas why? Would he be implementing the so-called "three day rule"?


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  • he might simply not be interested or he is busy
    3 day rule lol most guys dont believe it

    • Ok, fair enough - but what would make you not be interested after you had a really good time making out with someone?

    • A Lot of things, maybe the girl doesn't feels right, can't find the connection with her, maybe she is amazing in sex but emotionally she is not perfect, maybe she is too good to be true, maybe she has a lot of baggage, maybe she comes off as too clingy, maybe she scares me because she is moving too fast

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