We both don't want a relationship but we still meet and behave like a couple?

I told him I will not sleep with him. I was played several times and I just decided to give everything a break. He was in a relationship for 4 years and has been single for an year and doesn't want to get into one again. So even before we met we had this discussion and decided to be friends.

He takes me out and its like a date. We kiss and watch a hell lot of romantic movies cuddling. We go to coffee shops and nice restaurants every week. He drops me home in his car and kisses me goodbye. So this has been going on for two months and we are meeting more frequently with time. We meet around twice every week but he wants me to meet him every other day and wants me to spend the whole day with him.

I'm so scared of intimacy and love that I feel like telling him to not contact me again. What should I do? Should I date other guys so that I don't get attached to him?


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  • It's a non-issue. Just do as you see fit. You both give zero fucks.


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  • You bitches kill me he's doing way more than most guys would and all u can think about is should u see other people smh... u hoes ain't loyal!!!

    • He told me clearly he doesn't want to be in a relationship and just wants to be single. Why should I be loyal?

    • Than this post was irrelevant see other people ur gonna do it anyways.

    • Haha ok

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