Shy married girl got my attention at work over a year ago. She seemed to crave it I suppose. At first I really didn't think much of it other than "oh ok wow she's digging me." She started taking the same breaks as me would walk out behind me and we'd talk a bunch of days in a row. Then she'd go missing on me for a while, then come back again, which I never understood why she did that and it pissed me off. It made me want to ignore her when she would do it, so I would but then we'd start talking again and repeat the cycle over again. We probably did this for 5 months. Back and forth.

A frien of mine worked in the same dept as her. I noticed signs that maybe she like him too. She'd occasionally flip her hair and smile at him, sometimes right in front of me which pissed me off. She did this right in front of me at a lunch and it made me super jealous. To be fair I used to talk about girls behind hot around her all the time. I stopped going to many of our once a month lunches bc I didn't want to be jealous. She stopped going to pretty much all of the lunches except one when I was out of town. She'd also skip numerous meetings we'd talked about going to. At this point her and I are still talking, but much less, and I"m ignoring more and more. Over this time I start to see her migrating towards following my friend around. I'd see her leave right after him most nights, down the stairs after him. Id watch (she didn't know), I'd mostly see her walking out 30 secs after him. Not talking, just her getting out right after him. I figured she wanted his attention. So I go into full ignore mode for almost two months. I'd mostly not talk to her occasionally stopping by to test her out and she'd not want to talk to me. I had a feeling in my gut something was going to happen. My friend brings up at lunch with the guys that she is now following him out to the parking lot walking and talking to him everyday like her and I used to. Part of me was like yea right. Whats up


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  • Sounds like she simply thought you lost interest in her because you were ignoring her and the more you ignored her the more she thought that you wanted her to leave you alone and move on. girls become a reflection of how the guy acts, what he does says or how he behaves. Example: you talk about girls in front of her she'll talk about guys in front of you. You flirt with girls in front of her she'll flirt with guys in front of you. If she's jealous and likes you she'll be a reflection of you. Word to the wise though I can tell you're letting your worries get to you a little too much just relax and let life take you places, we can't control everything. Shy girls aren't really shy thats a wall. She's a regular women that's just put up her guard.

    • This is interesting! It was like she mirrored everything I did. I was like an a crazy here. Why did she do this?

  • I'm sorry to say this but she is not the right girl for you and u deserve better than her. You deserve a girl that will give most of her attention to you and not go wander around following other guys... Besides I believe you said she was married right? Which means she is a "cheater" she is cheating on her husband and you by going out and following around guys she doesn't have a stable heart nor does she care about u or your feelings. And right now she wants to be with ur friend but she might as well break his heart too... Don't care about her and don't stalk her she isn't the right girl for you.. Find a woman who loves you and only YOU and will stay faithful to you for the rest of her life :) Hope I helped.


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