Serious question: I'm attractive (so I'm told), so why don't I get approached? I'm bit reserved but not standoffish or awkward, so whats the deal?

I never get approached unless I'm dressed a bit skanky. I've been told many times that I could be a model. Usually one of the first things people say to describe me is that I'm pretty. So why don't I get approached? I'm kinda shy, but not "socially awkward" (I don't think..). I'm very nice and polite, and I'll crack jokes - my point being that I don't think I'm standoffish.
I'm a bit more reserved than my friends, including how I dress. Can this be part of it?

So, I went to an event the following night. A guy I've known for years, but only see occasionally started coincidentally talking about a similar topic to this. I was secretly so happy because I could slyly get his take on this subject without having to bring it up on my own lolol... he said I have a look that apparently screams "I'm not falling for your shit, stay away" and basically told me that I'm screwed until I approach a guy (unless I want to be stuck with a douchebag). Good to know lol


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  • Are you hard to talk to or do you have a Stern look? If you do its not your fault but you need to be conscious of this. If you're as pretty as you think it can be very nerve-wracking for a guy to approach you. In the end only the super confident will try anything.

    • Yeah I was told that I give off a "I'm not falling for your shit" vibe this weekend actually. I have no idea how anyone can do that but apparently I can! Yay me. :/

    • Just be open and friendly if you see a guy you like

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  • Maybe, the easiest way to get around this is to approach others. Some people think that shy people are hard to approach (which they are), so if you intitate conversations it will be better for you.

  • If you are pretty and attractive as you are saying maybe you look too reserved and people are afraid you will turn them down

    • Is that a real thing? I was always under the impression that the hotter she is, the more likely he will approach her. Sure it's a risk but he'd rather be rejected by a hot girl than an average one. Or is that completely wrong

    • Well yes trust me... it happens... guys may think you are out of their league... and no guy likes to be rejected or turned down

  • Find a guy that you really like and approach him. 30 seconds of awkwardness can lead to a lifetime of wonderful.

    • You know what, I might try that... :)
      It'll be the hardest think I've ever done though!

    • With model looks especially, you will melt their heart when you do approach them. They will definatly feel like the man as they can attract you. Good luck and chose wisely.

  • Go easy on the self congratulation there, people don't like that shit. Conceitedness is unattractive.

    If you're really good looking there are a lot of guys who will either think you're out of their league, or think that you're some superficial bimbo. So your left with the assholes and that's why you always see good looking women with assholes! lol

    • Ummm well if I'm going to ask for an honest response, I should probably ask an honest question. DO you think I walk around in public asking this? No, hence the anonymous button I clicked. I was simply trying to give as much detail as possible to hopefully get a more knowledgeable response.. I'm not going to act "fake modest" on an advice website in order to protect the advice-giver's insecurities. Sorry I struck a nerve.

    • Ps - I agree... I always get stuck with assholes... lol

    • You didn't strike a nerve lol, I thought it was funny!

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