Does he not want to have sex with me?

I'm 22 and he's 29 we see each other about 3 to 4 times. a week we go out every weekend and have the best time togther it's like we're perfect for each other. We are both attracted to each other there's no question about that. We can't keep our hands of each other but he never goes as far as just touching! We always say we want to but never do I know maybe part of the issue is we have no where to go and when we started dating I would tell him no I'll stop him and tell him is too soon and he'll try to have it in the car and I would say no I don't like that but now it's been about 6 months and I really want too! I don't care if it's in the car now he says he would get a hotel but never does I try to give him oral sex and it's not up I try to give him signs that I really want too but he doesn't do anything! Or take me any where I don't understand whats wrong with him I don't know maybe it's his religion or I don't know what it is what can I do? Or he just doesn't seem like he wants too?


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  • why did you refuse him in the begining?

    • Because he had a reputation with girls in his past I knew about and I didn't want him to see me as the other girls I wanted him to see me differently which I am and his notice but I didn't mean no forever

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    • Yes we're really serious about each other now but I just don't understand why hasn't he gone pass just that I've given so many hints I don't know what to do now and cheating is not an option

    • You need to be super straight with him... ask him with no shyness.. why you are not having sex with me and i can't stay like that.

  • Ask him instead.

    • I have and he says he wants to and just leaves it like that

    • We only have so much use sadly. Perhaps it is his religion or philosophy on the matter.

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