How fast is to fast when meeting for the first time in person?

K i met this guy online. a little over a month ago. An we hit it off from the start. After a day or two of talking on the site we exchanged numbers so we could text. there's distance between us. About a 2hr drive. An neither of us drive. So we text not everyday but pretty near. he's in the process of moving an said that after the move an what his work schedule is will dictate when we meet. Which is fine. But i have so many questions about meeting an when an what to do. So cuz neither of us drive i most likely will take a train. But do i get a hotel cuz that's pricey or stay at his place? Now we have learned deep things during our convos. I am attracted to him an him to me. So how soon is too soon to have sex? Do i go for the wknd or just a night or should i go at all? Lastly. He deleted his profile from the site me met on. Should i take that as a red flag?


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  • Look just be careful. I met a guy online, we skyped and texted and spoke and met quick. Fooled around on second meeting at his place. He was in process of moving too and now we dont talk anymore since he moved. So yeah be careful. To me, I dont care but i know most girls get upset and attached easily.