What do guys think when dating?

So I went on a lovely date with a guy he picked me up took me to dinner dropped me home.. continued texting me so couple days later I suggested meeting up again he said just as friends... I was gutted but accepted he carried on texting as he said he enjoyed talking to me. He came round for dinner last week from what I gathered ex gfs weren't great to him he then went home cuddled me for a while and stroked my back... never had that before... I like the guy we still text but I am slightly confused i also work with his sister... should I just leave it be or could it lead to more no we've never had sex


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What Guys Said 1

  • I agree, sounds like a keeper.

    • Even tho he said just as friends?

    • Perhaps not but if he was treated badly he may be gun shy. Stay friends and maybe something will come of it.

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  • Go slow! He sounds like a keeper.
    If you work with his sister that may make him more cautious.
    He might be afraid you would kind of back stab him if things don't work out.

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