Should I just let it go?

I'm really at the point where I hate the feeling of not knowing if I should let go part of me says yes part me says no! I'm 22 his 29 im Hispanic and his Punjabi his rich and I'm middle class we work for the same company but he's the son of the owner i started dating him before I started working and once I did I found out he got around with a lot of girls there but he's been trying to prove me that he's stop I belive him sometimes but then something comes up that I just have to stop believing him just yesterday I found texts with some girl I can't ask my sisters for advice there just gonna tell me leave him his no good cause of his past but they don't know him the way I do no one does when we're together i feel something like no other but his past keeps coming up and Its making me not want to be with him and then comes about how different we are and how I wouldn't be accepted in his family since I'm not Punjabi there's just soo much stuff going on I don't know what to do? Should I just leave it alone and move on?


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  • move on, he will most probably marry a girl of his own cast


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