Is there something a girl does to turn you off a second date?

I go on dates with guys, and the date seems like it goes great, the guy says he has had a good time and wants to hang out again sometime. Great! I get excited about a second date. Then, they start slowing down the chatting/texting/calling with me and start coming up with excuses as to why we can't hang out/go out. Is there something I subconsciously do that turns them off?

Guys: what is something a girl will do during a date that makes you automatically no longer interested in them?


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  • ok.. people just want what they can't have... he probably feels that he has you wrapped aroud his finger so I would break up with him and get him to think about it and then ask him out on another date and he will feel more obligated to try and eventually everything will be straight but it works both ways


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