How do you deal with a tinder relationship?

so i was bored and joined tinder back at the end of September and i ended up talking to one guy who was really cool. i actually had met him before and i didn't realize it. i had been a customer at the bar he works at. we started talking non stop every day, we talked on the phone sometimes too. he asked me to hang out all the time, but our schedules didn't line up for a couple of weeks, but i would see him at the bar where he worked every weekend and we would chat there. we got a long really well, and the day to hang out finally came and he blew me off. i texted him to check in on our plans and I got no response. i didn't hear from him for a week and when he finally texted me again he didn't even mention blowing our plans off.

i'm just not sure what to do.. do i say something? i've never hungout with someone from tinder before, but i actually really enjoyed this guy. his bar is my regular hang out with my friends, i don't know how i'm supposed to act. i just am not sure why i'm not hearing from him anymore. is it okay to ask what's up with him?


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  • what's up with him?

    He is a shithead... isn't it obvious? No it is not OK to go after him, unless you are glutton for punishment.

    Don't be sorry. It is good he has shown his true nature before you have invested much time and love in him. Use these tests to 'out the shitheads' by putting them through their paces. Don't give out sex for weeks into dating. Then only give hand jobs if he seems promising. Keep him blueballed until he proves worthy of your love.


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  • i actually once saw a guy who did that exact thing… and i didn't say anything to him i just played it off like he did. but then he kept doing it like as if it was no big deal..
    i think you should not take him seriously no matter how much you like him don't get mad at him but also don't care. because this is just how he is if he didn't make you a priority right away he never will. weather u confront him or not. let him go move on.. you will only be left disapointed like i was.

    • really? it's so weird.. i don't know how to approach... i've invested a lot of time in talking to him and getting to know him... i just dont get why he would blow me off and act like that

    • i know.. i invested 6 months in the guy i told you about. it still whent no where.. i think he just has other girls so you are not a priority.. don't waste any more time

  • Ignore him and move on.