Ever been afraid of love?

Have you ever dated someone and had a great time but as things get serious you get scared and basically run away? And don't talk to the guy or girl a lot.. simply because your aren't ready and you are afraid and the feelings are there and your all like noo why do I like this person.. I need to back away in order to be able to focus on life


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  • I've not been afraid to commit, because I realise that a woman who's getting involved with you is investing a large part of her life, attention and affections anyway... and deserves something in return. It's only fair.

    What I do feel reticent about is a belief in "love". This is such a vague concept. It changes invariably with time and people fall out of "love", often into fate. In my childhood, I've seen people badly hurt by "love", so perhaps I want to minimise the possible pain.


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