Have you dated your bestfried?

Im just wondering if you've ended up with your best friend and is it still going on or did it end? How was the break up? Are you guys still friends?
My best guy friend told me he likes me a lot. I like him too (just a crush) for his personality. Is that bad? I got scared after he told me what he likes about me. We're in 11th grade.

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  • Yes I did and it was quite wonderful. You should definitely go for it! Be with someone who you're comfortable and you can trust :)


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  • No but we became best friends after dating :-)


What Girls Said 4

  • Yesss <3 we've been together for over a year now and I love her more than anything. At first she said no because she was scared of ruining our friendship but we took the chance and I couldn't be happier. Go for it! Also, we promised that even if things didn't work out, we would do everything we could to remain as friends.

  • Yes. We've been together for 3 years now.

    The only "bad" part of dating your best friend is no one oos and ahhs over your relationship when you get together and if you get engaged they're all like, "Well no shit." lol

  • I know this is pretty irrelevant to your question, but my boyfriend ended up being my best friend. Before we "met" at a school dance, we could hardly stand each other. Then in the next week and a half, we got to be pretty good friends. Then my friend opened her big mouth and asked him out for me without telling me, but we were together for 10 months! Now turns are kinda rough (we broke up), but I'll get him back soon. I'm working on it ;-)
    My point is, yes, I was with my best friend. He wasn't my best friend until we were together, though. He became my best friend and still is :-)

  • Do what ever you want :)
    I've never seriously dated my best friend before.

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