Initiating the first kiss and dating?

This guy and me aren't dating but we both really like each other and talk all the time through text since he can't get into town often for anything other than school. Well tomorrow I plan on asking him to be my boyfriend and I want to kiss him. I know it seems a little silly but I just want to find the right way to do both since I really like this guy a lot. Any advice on how to do this without it being one of those awkward first kisses or situations?


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  • I don't think it will be awkward at all. Just do what's natural

  • It only works if it's natural and the mood and setting is decent. Recommend doing it while relaxing.

    • Well tomorrow at lunch we're going to be hanging out - either with his friends or mine since out groups don't tend to mix often, going with him and his friends would probably mean a lot more relaxed atmosphere since I know most of his his friends and there's more of a chance to have a few minutes alone.

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    • I would do that, except we can't really hang out much outside of school - we live in different towns half an hour apart so until he gets his fulls were sort of stuck seeing each other only at school and the odd time he's able to stay in town

    • Then I wish you well; it may not play out as you want but it will play out regardless. Human instinct has it's ways.

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