She doesn't text as much?

This girl I like and I used to text quite a bit, we work together and she would text me right after work. We have been out a couple times and I thought things were going good. She will text now but usually at night and if I text her back she takes a long time to respond, usually a couple hours. Wondering if this is a big deal or not


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  • I don't think it's a big deal. I mean, I love to have my phone on me, but often I forget to reply to messages, or something at work crops up and distracts me.

    Alternatively, she could be playing games (which, I think, is a good thing - it means that she's trying to 'hook' you). Basically, if she were playing games, they're working because she's got you thinking about her!

  • Hahahahha, she's using the hard to get card. (:


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