Guys, why do you play games?

I dated a guy for 6 months. We had an awesome connection like no other. He even told me I was more amazing than any girl he had ever dated and I felt the same way. Well, we broke up three times during the relationship for random stupid things. I jumped hoops for this guy and did a lot just for him that I said I never would. I said I'd never date a guy with a kid or a guy in the military yet, he was just that amazing. Well, we broke up again three weeks ago after I questioned him about why he had a Facebook when he said he didn't. That night he texted me and Said it was over and to delete his number and act like we had never met. This hurts me. A week later I was in the strip mall by his work and one of his pooles came running across the parking lot at me and handed me my exes business card and said my ex told him to give it to me. When I texted my ex to ask him what he wanted.. once again he told me to delete his number. I've since changed my number. I know if he wants to contact me he knows where I live. It's been three weeks, is this a test? What kind of sick game is this?


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  • Hmm, if he's just basically gonna play games with you like that, and not even try to get closer to you, then there's no point of trying to get him back.

    Of course he wants you back, but after how many times he did it, do you believe he'll do it again? or he won't do it again. Let him learn his lesson to not try to play games. Sometimes you gotta be harsh to a guy or they won't get the message. Its crazy but it's true.

    • Well I haven't talked to him in about three weeks because telling me to delete his number is just absurd and he probably texted my old number because he doesn't have my new one, but whatever. I'm gonna move on..

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  • Women play games more than us men. ha ha

    • Ahh well I dropped them back around the age of 19.. I just don't waste time anymore :/

    • exactly how I feel, everyone, both male and female should just say how it is.

  • Women play games just as much

    • I don't lol. I just want to know the motive. Other than the fact that he said every woman he's every loved has cheated on him so he's just testing me which is ridiculous if that's what it is.

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    • I wish I could.. but he's practically got a hold on me

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