How do I tell if this is going to turn into anything?

So there is this guy that I sort of like. He knows I like him. I would say we talk all the time but have only hung out once. He was the one that asked me to hangout. I feel like if I ask him to hangout I'll look despite. Well when he came over we watched a movie and played football on my PS3. He kept putting his hands overmy hands on the controller. Then when we were watching a movie he kept moving from one spot on my bed to the next. He also teased me about "being short" (even though I'm 5'5) When we text he doesn't really put many words into his texts so it's hard to respond half the time. Well I'm sort of confused. I need advice on where this might be going. And also does it look desperate if a girl asks a guy to hang out, or my just being an idiot?


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  • There's nothing wrong with you asking a guy out or over. Ask him how he feels about being gf bf


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