How to create opportunities with random women?

How can a shy guy like myself actually see a woman I think is attractive and actually talk to her? My biggest problem is actually approaching and talking past "Hello." I just can't figure out what to say, because I get blocked when it comes past that. If I see a pretty girl my heart tends to start beating fast and I might say hi, but won't stop her and try to talk to her, through fear of not knowing what to say.

Even if I do get a number the same thing happens when I want to call (which is why I tend to text more often). When I am about to go on dates the same anxiety comes up again, and I sometimes wish they would cancel. I don't know why I have so much anxiety when it comes to talking to girls. Then we people who know me find out, look at me puzzled, because I tend to be more outgoing and funny after you get to know me and I am comfortable with you.

I don't know how to get over this anxiety and actually create more opportunities with women.


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  • You must work on your self confidence and body language. Attraction is 90% based on body language. That means, it doesn't matter what you say when you approach a woman. What you say, she will soon forget no matter how stupid it is. If she sees a confident guy the chances are that she will fall for him. It is completely natural that you're nervous about. Its someone you see (I guess) for the first time and want to know her. I as a special forces paratrooper consider it as a parachute jump. When I stand in the plane's door Im afraid to jump. But I overcome my fear, jump and the parachute saves me. Same goes when you approach a woman. Even if she dumps you immediately you can still consider yourself a winner because you had the balls to do it. Other don't have them. So go for it. Say anything that comes to your mind, buy her drink perhaps and above all be as confident as you can!

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