Why doesn't she ever initiate text/call, etc?

Began dating a girl three weeks ago. We've gone out a few times and it's been a lot of fun. Bar, Dinner, etc. She's slept over a couple times.

However, she'll never initiate contact with me. The only time we talk (outside of our dates) is when I text or call her. If I text her, we can be texting all day, but if I go a day without texting her I never hear from her.

She must have some level of interest because she texts me back and we continue to spend time together. She's told me plenty of times she has fun when we hang out.

Any idea? I'm going crazy here. I feel lame having to initiate conversation with her every time.


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  • Some girls just feel like the guy should text first so if you don't they won't. As for me I just love when my boyfriend texts me first makes me feel sort of special but before I wouldn't infinite conversations because I felt like it was troubling him like if he didn't text he its because he is busy so maybe she thinks she is troubling you

  • as manga hart said, a lot of girls see it as the guys job to text first as this confirms the guys interest in them still.


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