More than friends with benefits?

He said we are more than f*** buddies but he won't commit yet. We do way more than friends with benefits would do but we are not in a exclusive relationship. What is more than friends with benefits but not in a relationship?


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  • I order things as such:

    friends with benefits
    dating ( funnest stage )

    it seems like you guys are what i would call the dating stage which i think is the fun part cuz ur not too serious, things are still new, and you don't have to worry so much about whether the other person really like you or not cuz you know they like you.


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  • "Seeing" each other. It is a step down from the implied monogamy of "dating."

    • Thank you so much. Hopefully that changes one day and we move into the right direction

    • Awww I hope so to. The fact that he already sees you as more is proof you may be able to progress! Good luck, this situation is a tricky one. :)