How do I get my crush to like me again?

A few weeks ago, my guy friend and I told each other that we liked each other. Him and I only see each other occasionally because we dont go to the same school. We only text, and we do it literally all day, every day. At first we were very flirty and sweet. Then within the past week he died it down big time. Then he suddenly tells me that he is really confused because some days he wants me as his girlfriend and other days just his friend. I also found out that during this time, he had been flirting with other girls too (we were never offically together). He kept saying he was sorry and he was mad that he even said anything and that he hates himself, and he's not trying to hurt me.

Bottom line: how do I get him to like me again and not question whether or not he wants me to be his girlfriend? Again, we dont go to the same school.


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  • you have to realize that you can't change him.

    you can keep being yourself and if things work out then they were meant to be. he obviously still likes you if he was angry that he was talking to other girls and told you.