Why would a girl do this to a nice guy? Ladies?

I have been seeing this gal for about a month now. Started out when I met her at a local bar I go to. She asked me for my number, and we started texting back and had good conversation back and forth. she told me she was recently divorced and had a young daughter, which I'm ok with, I won't judge. I come to find out though, she lives an hour away, and she doesn't visit often. We went on a few dates which seemed to go pretty good. Getting to know her, I liked her, more and more.

After a couple weeks, she started sending me " I miss you." and " I wish you were here with me." texts, which I found to be kind of odd. This is coming from someone who I just met! Anyways, I looked past this part. Hey, maybe she's just really into me!

This is where I get confused. We went out this past Friday . She came in to town because she had to catch a flight to Cali the next day. I go pick her up from her hotel, and we go to the bar we had met at. Something about her seemed a little off this time. We sat there and there was quite a bit of awkward silence. A few drinks later, she tells me she needs to go back to her hotel. She doesn't ask for a ride from me, but calls a cab instead. She tells me we will have to get together the weekend after, then leaves. I text her the next day to ask her how her flight went, no response the entire day. I send her another text Sunday, asking how her vacation was going. no response, which is odd. On top of that, I happened to go on Facebook and find out she unfriended me. I have absolutely no idea why she did this, and why she's suddenly ignoring me. I sent one last text later that evening, confronting her on this, and if there was something I said or did, to just fill me in. I told her otherwise, I'm done talking to her. No response to this either. No what do you think of this? I'm lost for words right now honestly. I never once came across as an asshole or needy in any way. Did I upset her somehow or scare her off? What's going on?


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  • Okay firstly don't say you never came across as anything. You don't know what she perceived of you unless she tells you, which she obviously hasn't. Maybe you did come off as needy or dickish to her, but she's not saying anything. I don't know and neither do you right now. By the way, I'm not trying to side with her in saying this, but I don't like it when people assume how another perceived them.
    Anyway, you're right. None of this makes sense. Something may have come up in her life that made her not want to be with you, but otherwise I can't really say. You're probably best just trying to find someone else.


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  • She may have trauma from her previous relationship and she's simply not ready to be in a new relationship. She did say 'recently' divorced and maybe she's fighting legal issues regarding her daughter -> in which case her life would be complete hell and requiring all of her attention.

    The awkward silence, she obviously had something on her mind. Perhaps the plane trip, maybe you, though I doubt it unless you are a douche and just can't see it (I'm throwing ideas out, take it to your own discretion). Was she actually on vacation? or was she using it as a cover for something else going on? She may not want to show her dirty laundry.

    Does she behave as being needy? because it is a red flag that something isn't quite right about her life.


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  • I get the impression she wanted to end the relationship, for whatever reason. She was going to do it this past Friday . Hence her being "off". She couldn't. So now she's ignoring you hoping you will just go away. Do it.
    Forget about her. Block her on Facebook. Get rid of her phone #, e-mail, address, whatever. Move on.