Was this nice of me or rude?

This girl I've been talking to for a few months (we aren't official bf/gf yet) was too busy to hang out because she had homework to do. I was cool with it, because her studies are important to her.

Then she randomly sent a text about how her friend had told her to put vodka in her juice, and she listened to her and did it. And right after that, the drunk texting began. (She doesn't handle alcohol well at all)

Obviously, none of her family was there so she was home alone. She started going nuts, bouncing from one topic to another, and then started saying stuff like screw college, she's not gonna do her homework, and she's gonna drop out. I was already concerned when she said that, but what really got me worried is when she said she was getting ready to start cooking, as in using a oven and stove.

I told her not to because it would end up bad and I didn't want her to hurt herself, but she said she was fine and could do it. I told her to at least let me come over so I know she's ok, but she kept on saying that she was fine. After a few more sketchy texts I got even more worried and told her I was just gonna come over anyway.

When I got to her house, she was still texting me saying to go home, she was fine, and that she wasn't gonna let me in. But after like 2 minutes she ended up coming outside and then letting me come in. She was definitely tipsy, and was the most hyper/spazzy I've ever seen her.

She eventually calmed down, and I ended up staying a couple hours to make sure she was ok. But the whole time I was there she kept telling me she was fine and I didn't need to be there. When she finally seemed somewhat sober and I trusted her to be alone, I went home.

Now I'm thinking, was going over rude of me? I mean yeah I was worried about her, but I basically forced her to let me come over the same night she had told me she was too busy with schoolwork to see me.

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  • I don't think it was rude. It was very nice of you to be concerned about her well-being especially when she was drunk. You were concerned she was going to hurt herself and there is nothing wrong with that. You know she was busy but at the same time, you're being a good friend to make sure she doesn't get herself in trouble. If you explained to her (once she comes to her senses and whatnot) then hopefully she'd understand that you were trying to help her. Hell, you made her not do something that was off the wall and harm herself! You seem like a true good person to me!


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  • Depends how she feels about you, if she likes you then odds are she thinks it's cute that you care and she appreciates it, but if not then i think i would be a little upset, but i don't think she would be totally negative towards your for it.

  • I think that was very sweet of you to check on her. Good work!


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