Ladies... stop making excuses for the shitheads... are you that goddamn desperate? (Rejected Take submitted as a Question.)?

Goddamn G@G... I can only do 2 Takes every 24 hours?

I got ADD... I can't wait a mf'ing 24 hours G@G! Well if I can't go right, I will go left. Since this proposed Take was rejected it ended up as a Question.

Here is the Take submitted as a Question...

In another 'Take' I wrote about how you 'out the shitheads' by testing aka dating. dating/a6973-ladies-dating-is- for-outing-the-shitheads- putting-them-to-the

Both of these Takes were inspired by a pink G@G'er that had set up a first date after she had numerous online communications back and forth with the guy. Date day came and the shithead never showed. Nor did the shithead ever contact her for an apology or explanation.

I advised her to not to contact the shithead unless she wanted further suffering. She replied...'what if something happened to him?'

Ladies, if the guy had an accident and was in the hospital for a week or a month... why didn't he contact you when he got out to apologize and tell you what happened?

Stop making excuses for the shitheads ladies. If you force a relationship with an outed shithead... you just looking for more pain. Accept it... move the fudging on ladies. albums/a116/borsky/Clinamen/ Szukalski/Weirdo01Large. jpg


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  • I get your gist. However, there's the other extreme where someone has been asking a question here because someone didn't reply back within 10 minutes to a text, the person waiting for the text panics, but the text sender just fell asleep or something.

    Granted, being stood up is pretty much a deal-breaker offense, but sometimes the paranoia goes the other way.


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  • and if women reject men too early or too hastly you call us cruel and cold and manipulative... whatever

    • I don't. I call you smart.

      The guys will lie to you, dip their joystick in you and run.

    • well no "joysticks" are coming near me unless i say so and it belongs to the man i marry lol

      i tend to take advice more seriously when the gager is older lol (30+)

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