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Ok so there is this girl that i really like but things kind of got awkward between us. I told her i liked her and she started acting "shy" around me. It made me think that she just wasn't interested so i stopped talking to her for Several months. it was a weekend and my dad had just came back from the grocery STORE. My crush works at that store. My dad told me that he had a conversation with her about me but he didn't tell me everything they talked about. So my dad said "I had a conversation with the girl you like or "used to like", and i didn't say anything back. Then he told me that she said i didn't try hard enough. I didn't say anything back and went back to my business


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  • I wouldn't over think it. Honestly if you said that you liked her first that's taking a risk and that's also trying. Relationships are two people working together to make it work not just one. Think of it as her loss and if she really likes you she will try harder.


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