I find it quite easy to talk to girls even though i. am quite shy but find asking for a date etc impossible as most girls immediately run a mile?

As I said in the question takings no problem but that just stops if you try and take it any further, this seriously destroys all confidence I had to start with and puts me off even trying as I expect the same next time, it's a very sad lonely world and the women I speak too don't help me feel any less lonely, what should I do?


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  • you know if she keeps talking to you for longer than 20 mins, she's into you. on't be self conscious and just ask her to grab a coffee or something. Shy guys are usually the sweetest so i'd be shocked if she said no. But I get why you're scared since it's a lot of pressure. Honestly i usually get impatient and end up asking the guy out haha.


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  • Meet a girl with whom u r comfortable with. Speak to her n listen to her fr a few days.
    Build d emotional bridge between d two of u.
    Later wen u think even she is comfortable speaking to u.
    U can move on to d next level.
    Dont jump to extreme steps but on an ice cream date or anythin which she fancies


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