Girls - 22 year old virgin?

So I'm going west and in my country sex is usually saved for marriage so I never found any fuck buddy. Never went to a hoe because I didn't want my first time to be like that. I have had dozens of online gfs (from the west) though so I'm not a virtual virgin haha. I've already arranged a meeting with one of them for next month :D

But would this be a turn off? Do you think that if I told my first ever real life fuck this she would mock me or think negatively? Or would she understand?

Would I be a loser by her standards? Please do me as favor and don't sugar coat answers. Be BRUTALLY honest.

Advice would be appreciated.


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  • I'm 18 and I'm a virgin. I mean some people may mock you but I think it's sweet. :)


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  • Not really, 22 is normal. You're acting like you're 52.

    • haha thanks! *phew*

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    • Doubt it. People always say girls will know, but I took a guys virginity and he told me after and I really didn't know before he told me. My friend took a guys virginity and said he was no different to other guys to. Just make yourself cum first, because apparently you'll last longer.
      If anything, you can just say you haven't had sex in a long time if you want.

    • hahaha ty.

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