Girls opinions please. should I keep texting her? is she even interested?

so i have been texting with this girl i met online for a few days and im not 100% sure what to think. she seems like a really nice girl and i definitely do not want just sex from her at all!!! but it feels really hard to get to know her better over texting. she did say she would think about meeting me, wich i think is a sign that she is at least a bit interested (?). now, i definitely dont want to ask her all the time if she has decided to meet me or not, so i would love to talk to her about other stuff, trying to get to know her better. but what confuses me is that she usually just gives me short answers when she writes me, wich makes it very hard to get a more serious conversation started. i do think she is just shy, wich i also really am, but how can i be sure? on the other side, maybe she is not that interested after all? or maybe even a third option could be that she just doesn't like texting that much? i thought about asking her if i could call her. but if she really is shy, and since i am too, im shure it could get weird. to me, nothing is better then a face to face convo, but i really dont want to push her into meeting me, without her beeing shure that she wants it too.

so what would your take on this be? i would really apreciate your opinons on this, because at this point i really dont know what to do. she seems to be a really really sweet girl and i would love to have a shot with her


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  • You already do have a shot with her, she's texting you, and I'm sure there's many guys that she won't even do that with. So here's tge honest answer. She might not be as sweet as you think she is. Both of you are creating ideal versions of yourselves over these texts. That's normal, but I bring it up because you should be aware that she's likely flawed and that those damages both from others and herself contribute to how she will interact with you.
    Don't be embarrassed to ask her out again, but first focus on making her comfortable. Make her laugh first say something cute. Something like that. Then ask her and tell her you understand why if she doesn't answer quickly. Because it is scary for a woman to meet a man she doesn't know. Take some initiative maybe pick a nice place like a coffee shop or something.