How to deal with guy you like being gone over a break?

I recently met this guy who I really really like. He also likes me too. He's away for Thanksgiving the entire week which I'm okay with.. then he'll be back here for school for two weeks.. and then he's back home for 4- 5 weeks.. how do I deal with this? We met about 4 weeks ago and I love spending time with him.. just not sure how it's gonna be for those 4 or 5 weeks. I'm so worried he'll meet someone else or forget about me. What do I do? I can't really visit him at this point, it's too soon.


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  • A lot of college kids go through this freshman sophomore year.

    He's going to be with family for the holidays. So chances of him meeting someone are slim.
    I would be more focused on keeping the flame going while you are apart. He won't lose interest in you by meeting someone if he's still oogling over you.

    Don't text him constantly all break either. Maybe a couple hours every other night ( or less )
    The more flirtatious you are too will keep him interested. Talking about family, work, school, interests, friends blah blah are gunna bore him and then he's gunna go almost two months having boring conversation with you.
    The best girlfriends keep it short and sexy.

    But if he's the polar opposite of me and needs constant attention then your in for a busy winter, cuz you're gunna have to text him constantly and not give his brain any time to think about what you're doing because he's prolly having the same feelings as you.

    In general;
    If he's shy or needy: Keep him constantly updated on what you are doing all break.( you dont want him going crazy wondering what your doing )
    If he's independent and outgoing: Under 10 hours of communicating a week and keep it fun/playful/cute ( you dont want him thinking that your boring )

    If he's inbetween both ^categories: Do both ( for example if he's texting u a lot send him basic info about what youve been up to etc and if he seems cold give him infrequent stimulation such as flirty texts etc )
    gl. xD


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