Am I just the naive intern?

I am an intern, he is not my supervisor. We met in the courtroom, he holds a position of power. He told me he has a girlfriend of 3 years who is away on the west coast for an internship. He actively pursued me, in a non asshole type of way (if there's such thing). I am in a rocky relationship of 4 years. I am 21 he is 31. Although young, I am mature (for the most part). He has taken me out about 3 times, we text, talk, and interact during court. He says he is going to marry his girl, but it emotionally connected to me as well as physically. Im confused by this because if he wants to marry her, why say that? I gave him the option of having a strictly physical connection and he somewhat declined. We even skyped for 5 hours on two occasions (non sexual). He even said if he wasn't so into his girl, he would leave her for me.
What games is this man playing?


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  • Be the woman and tell him straight up. Why would you even per sue him if you have a boyfriend? And he has a girlfriend? That is cheating. He is basicaly letting you know that he want to hit and quit because he has not had sex in a while since Hus girl is far right noe but that he loves her and so he won't be with you. He is Letting you know your place. Don't be stupid sex can't replace love