Is dating more complicated now?

Do you guys think that things like tinder and snapchat makes dating more complicated? I know that when I see that the guy I like is "best friends" with a random girl on snapchat, I get really nervous. Even if they are just friends or something.

I also feel like there's so many rules with dating now too. For example, how the guy apparently needs to text first.. and how you are supposed to wait a certain amount of time so you don't look too eager. I don't get it. If you liked someone, wouldn't you be eager to talk to them? Since when is that not a good thing? I don't follow these so called rules anymore, they make no sense. I also don't get why we can't all just focus on ONE person and not several.

I am just so frustrated with dating today... I feel like people are always complicating things and I wish it was simpler! I feel like I'm putting in lot of effort only to get nothing in return! How do y'all feel about this topic of dating?


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  • It's been turned into a fucking stupid game. Girls want the thrill of the chase, while guys try to show disinterest so they don't come off too eager. I'm sick of it too, it's utterly stupid. I want to show the guy I care about my feelings, I don't want to have to worry about "If I text her 5 minutes after she replied will seem too eager?" I was so fed up with the rules that I just did my own thing. Initially I failed horribly, apparently being genuine with people is looked down upon when trying to get into a relationship. I've had success since then, but I refuse to back to playing "the game". I'm 25 and looking for a woman who knows what she wants, not some little girl who wants her man to jump through rings of fire to win her heart. Women and men need to get it into their heads that this is real life, not movies or TV shows. Unfortunately the media has pushed these ideas into us without us noticing. I mean look at how many guys hit the gym now to get "muscles" compared to 10 years ago...

    • Yeah, it really is just a game to everyone.. while to me, dating isn't a game at all. I just want to meet someone who is a genuinely nice person and doesn't feel the need to play games or anything. I wish we lived in a world where people would just focus on one person and not be always on the lookout for the "better" option. It is sooooo exhausting. I feel like every time I meet a new guy I'm always so hesitant and fearful to date them because every guy in the past has found a "better" option... not cool. I'm done with that.

    • Well the struggle is real for genuine nice guys, as I can tell you from experience. I used to act like myself and that got me nowhere except the friend zone. I started to play the game when I was 18, then quickly got sick and disgusted with it. Now I just act like myself but don't show her initially how nice I am so that I don't get put in the friend zone. So even when I don't want to play games I still have to create a facade. It's beyond frustrating but that's how the world is. : (

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  • I don't date... I'm married. I'm a fossil. Back in the day we just asked girls out and tried to fondle them to see if they liked us enuf to have sex with us. If we got along and we didn't fight too much and we could make each other cum we got married.

    Life is very complex now. I don't know if dating is tougher or not. From all the stories I read here is sounds like nightmare for some of the girls.

    Yes, all the text rules are BS. The kiddes make them up.

    Darling, if a guy likes you he will be all over you like ants on honey.

    Realistically 2 to 3 days... from the girls perspective. But for me I'd be on the job contacting you in a few hours or later that day.

    Hopefully my tongue would be caressing you and making your thighs pulsate shortly after that... or not if you were a prude? But point is... if I had your number you would hear from me very, very soon if I liked you.

    Dating aka as 'testing' is for 'outing the shitheads' You put the guy through their paces to see his metal. If you did that and the verdict is shithead... you dump him.

    When you get a guy interested in dating, don't give out sex for weeks into dating. Then only give out hand-jobs if he seems promising. Keep him 'blueballed' until he proves worthy and reliable of your love. Even then, there are no guarantees.

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    • All good answers here. Post , summations of them in your online dating profile. Your looking for 'not' this...

      If the person plays games... dump the shithead. I won't stay with a game player. I only like upfront people. You just have to sift through all the crappers to find a gem. What is the alternative... go queer... even then still the same game players to sift through?

    • " I also don't get why we can't all just focus on ONE person and not several."

      Well, guys like as much se as they can get. Look for commitment. I always liked a committed relationship myself versus lots of quickies. I am scared of STD's and I like to relax with one gal and enjoy really knowing each other well and how to get each other off.

  • Well you're not alone in that aspect


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