What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?

So, what things do you like about people and dislike about people? It can be anything from appearance to personality.

Honesty is a virtue, guys! :)


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  • I like people who are nice, for the most part. I hate when guys (sometimes girls) will try to act all hard for no real reason. I guess everyone is kinda like that though, because it is high school. I'll admit that I'm not the nicest person all the time either. People that generally have common interests and understand me and my humor I also tend to prefer. I don't care what anyone's appearance is, as long as I'm just going to be friends with that person.

    As for my physical turn-ons with girls, mostly standard stuff, big lips, short, nice eyes, not obese, BOOTY, etc . I also tend to like a girl more if she's forward, maybe because that trait is something I don't have.


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  • Clingy girls is the biggest turn off, the girls that think my life revolves around them, that I need to text them every 5 min 24/7 or see them every day , the girls that freak out and get psycho stalker if I don't share every second of my day with them, along with insecure girls who can't trust a guy without having to be constantly reassured You're into them.

    My turn on is a honest, loyal, none game playing woman who knows what she want and isn't afraid to go after it. the type of woman who lives her own life, someone confident, who doesn't care what negative people may say about her and uses it as fuel to prove everyone wrong. Creative, free thinking, and doesn't rely on anyone for her to have happiness, Because she is happy already.

  • Personality and disposition is the bottom line. If you just go by what your dick tells you, there may be problems down the road. There has to be beauty within and not just beauty on the outside. Lots of things make up a gal, not just face and body such as: femininity, sweetness, adorability, sexiness, honesty, smarts, loyalty, being able to accept being worshipped and pampered, healthy habits, clean, not too many bad habits, orgasmic.

    Dislikes... clit rings, pierced nipples, smoker, doper, drunk, slut, loudmouth, violent and all the opposites of the good qualities above.

  • Honest people, those who try hard to make there dreams a reality and those who accept deviants

    well those who are materialistic, those who feel that they are superior then others and those who use people

  • (Turn offs)
    - Bitchy attitude
    - Slutty
    - Messed up hair
    - Overweight
    - Poor hygiene
    - Bad breath
    - Heavy drinker/smoker/drug user
    - Drama queen
    - Arrogance
    - Clingy
    - Manipulative
    - Too much makeup
    - Gets mad at little things

    (Turn ons)
    - Long hair
    - Pretty face
    - Nice smile
    - Nice body
    - Sweet and caring
    - Smiles at me
    - Likes to cuddle
    - Things in common
    - Outgoing
    - Sense of humour
    - Compliments me
    - Smells good
    - "I love you"


What Girls Said 2

  • turn offs:
    - messy eater or chews with open mouth
    - arrogant
    - judgmental
    - racist/homophobic/sexist/other stuff like that
    - no jaw line
    - no back bone
    - bad speller
    - bad breath
    - always stands too close

    turn ons:
    - curly hair
    - weird/quirky
    - fit body
    - likes the outdoors
    - honest
    - forward
    - a touch (or several) of hippie
    - silly humour
    - not afraid to take risks

  • turn-ons:
    has ambition but is humble, hardworking
    honest, loyal, responsible,
    good hygiene, tall, beautiful eyes, medium built
    lazy, disorganized, unhygienic, b. o., arrogant, disrespectful, cunning, selfish, player, user