What is a classy way to act around a woman and deal with a woman who is flirting with your crush?

Hey all,

So I had a crush on a guy and I dont think he likes me back but I will never know.

The girl that I am talking about said that she spoke to my crush and said that he said that he did not like me and sai that it would be a good idea to get over him.

She said that she isn't attracted to my crush but she has been awfully flirtatious with him.

Ladies and gents, what is a classy way to deal with this situation?


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  • She may be lying to you for her own gain. Just go straight to the guy and ask if he'd be interested in hooking up with you


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  • Ask him yourself if he likes you. Girls are devious. I will admit that I have led a girl astray because I was into the guy that she liked. I really liked him so I made her believe that she should just give up on him. It's terrible, but it's what girls do. :/ Be careful. BUT she might be looking out for you. Maybe she is just a flirtatious person in general. I know that I "flirt" with many of my guy friends, but we are just friends. It could be that. The only way to know is to ask him yourself. Just be nice to her, but be cautious.

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