This guy seems to like me and I do too. How should I act around him?

I am pretty damn sure he likes me from his actions.

1. his direct eye contact with me

2. he says stuff like "Jenn, stop flirting with me!" or "so you are coming to chili's tonight? let's get hammered" (he works at chili's)

3. he looks at me whenever I talk to other guys.

4. he talks to his buddy who sits next to him about me.

5. he teases me a lot.

6. the way he smiles and blushes at me.

I think he's cool and nice too. I want this one to work. The problem is we've seen each other only twice (class is once a week) so I don't know much about this guy.. though I see that we have strong feelings to each other. But first I want to know him better, and see if it will work between us. see he kinda asked me out so we can hang out at chilis. but I didn't go anyway. how should I act around him in class so I hear a good news eventually enough after I get to know him more.


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  • Just ask if he wants to hang out sometime. Hanging out one-on-one is like dating without the romantic expectation. You can get to know someone better in a casual situation like bowling or just chilling than you can at a movie or at a nice restaurant. Just remember that when you finally ask him out that you make the distinction that it's a date and not just hanging out.


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