When will this stop hurting?

Say if you dated someone for an intense 1months and everyday revolved around that one person. Then they rejected you and were so cold about it that it made you question the integrity of the entire relationship...

How long would it take to get over this person? I already workout 6 days a week, I work but somehow they creep into my mind. I'm currently doing no contact but how long would it take to stop hurting?


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  • Typically the answer is half the time of the relationship (so if you dated for a month, then about 2 weeks). But other factors certainly play into this. If you were to find interest in another partner, certainly the pain of the past relationship would fade much quicker. It seems like your struggle is that even though you work (which helps keep your mind off things for a bit) you need to do something FUN to make up the times you aren't working. Do you like to read? Do you have any type of hobbies? Keeping busy and time passing is really the only thing you can do to make this process easy. Also, avoid "checking up" on them with social media. As curious as you are to see what they are up to AVOID IT! Block them if you have to. And try to avoid showing how hurt you are on social media as well (just in case they are checking up on you ;)

    • Thanks for our advice, it makes sense. My hobby is fitness, I workout 6 days a week. I go out all the time with friends as I have a massive social circle. It just feels like everything I do it still hurts to the point I feel sick. I feel suffocated by this feeling and claustrophobic. It's not the point that we broke up, it's the coldness from his part and the nonchalant attitude. I serioulsy am beginning to feel depressed!!

    • Unfortunately it will hurt, but just keep up with work and fitness and eventually it will pass. Even if it hurts you so bad, don't let others see that pain. Eventually even you will forget how cold he was and something better will come along. Best of luck :)

    • Thanks, take care ;)

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  • About 16 minutes. You're holding onto that kind of pain and trying really, really hard to make it hurt.


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  • Come to terms with it and move on... just one month... goodness i have been trying to get over a 2 year relationship... keep urself motivated everyday. Cry when u need to cry but dont get stuck in this...

    • Aww I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with something similar. It's just the hardest thing, it's invisible pressure or band around me that I can't remove and I feel stuck. Mixture of emotions, anger, embarrassment, shame, sadness, loneliness, disappointment ugh the list goes on. I just want it to stop already. I'm going to try my hardest to escape this because ite depressing.