Why do I feel a connecon with this guy?

Last year I met this guy for the first time. I remember that, that day I was trying to show off for this other guy that I had a crush on. Well then this other guy came up to me while I was selling donuts and asked me for some. Then he said "Hi, sweetie what's your name?" And I told him then he told me his. After that I started to see him around school more and then the school year ended. This school year he was in my 1 block class. One day I was talking to this girl and wanted to show her a picture. I went into the classroom to get my phone and when I came out he was in the way. I said excuse me and he said "_____, you keep getting in my way!" Then I turned around and smiled and then he said "Oh I'm just kidding," I'm sorry. Then he said "I love you." I walked away thinking that he was joking until after it all happened. A week later he asked me to marry him and gave that candy that give to someone that you have a crush on. I panicked and said I don't know and then he said ok and gave me the candy then got his stuff because class was over. He hasn't talked to me since but we have made eye contact a couple times. I also see hearts a lot and more than usual now. I also had dreams about meeting a guy in high school then getting married to him. Also the guy in the dreams proposed to me at school which is what happened in real life too. I feel this connection between us but I wanted to be sure before I said or did anything. I kind of have the feeling that something will happen before the holidays but I don't really know. I tried to forget about him but that just made me think of him even more. I believe that we meet people for a reason and that they can either be a blessing or a lesson.


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  • this guy proposed to you and y'all aren't even together? okay... weird...

    anyways, you probably feel a connection to him because he is paying "special" attention to you.