Where do I find a good dating coach? Have you ever used one?

I'm 24, suck at dating. Not sure what is wrong with me maybe its the way I'm acting on dates, although the only place I get dates are from online and then they never talk to me again.

So I'm thinking of getting a dating coach, I don't want to die alone lol and want to have 2-4 kids so time is ticking.

Does anyone know where to find a good dating coach? Or whats been your experience if you've used one.


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  • Read up on it.


    Lets see your pix.

    You have not given much info as to why the dates failed. Did they want sex and you want virginity? Do you talk too much? Not enuf? Smell bad? Did you have sex with them? Are they pick up artists? Just no telling. If you had all these dates you are obviously dateable. But we would need a 'blow by blow' of the failed dates in order to give an opinion.

    Lots of books on it.




    Here are some sites:





    My advice is to keep at it and start discussing the dates on G@G for opinions. if you have lots of $, then by all means get a coach. Good luck!

    • Well I can only allocate about 500 to a dating coach, bc of work benefits I have that under coaching services. I've asked quite a bit of questions on here, read a few books, still no luck. I just don't get what is wrong with me that everyone else can find someone and I can't no matter how hard I try or not lol

    • The common theme that I'm seeing in these dates I think I've been on 7 or 8 dates is that none of them were flirty with me AT ALL. ONe guy had already bought coffee before our coffee day and was standing outside starbucks with coffee in hand, one guy during the date ignored me and then told em he had to go home for his dad's birthday thing which is dum because he said was free that whole day. I can give you details on each date if you want.

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  • Although I haven't personally consulted with a dating coach in person for one-on-one advice, I have purchased dating advice books and DVDs that were very helpful, and I also watch YouTube videos from dating experts. Kezia Noble is my personal favorite, but she mostly advises men. When I lived in the city, there was a dating workshop that I attended where dating experts would host an event and give their advice on dating for both men and women, and participants would share their ideas.

  • i would say dont get a dating coach! i always think that all they want is a paycheck! and my main problem is that all these guys have certain rules that you should follow, wich most of the time can't be applied because everybody is diferent!!! the main thing that you should just look for on a date is if you two connect or not... other then that, i think there are no rules

  • Never used one. Never really needed it. I just figured it out as I went. :)

    • well I've been on 7-8 online dates and they all rejected me. I want to know what I'm doing wrong.

    • Message me and we can chat about it. I'm bored

  • look up DeAnna Lorraine, David Wygant


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