Having trouble meeting someone new to date , meeting people but not getting dates?

I haven't really been able to date anyone since things feel apart with my ex a few months ago. its not that I haven't been trying and go out a lot and feel that I've meet some girls but not type of guy that seems to get dates with them. I also live in a smaller city so there isn't really a lot of options in terms of local singles and everyone seems to know each other so a lot of girls know about the ex and I think that hurts my chances as things ended very badly. I also joined a gym in an effort to improve physical appearance as that might be an issue and could be improved.

but overall don't have many ideas as to what I could do about this problem as there isn't a lot of girls here to begin with , no college here so all the younger 20 somethings leave town most of the year for school and then seem to move away after that or already have bf's if there still around but still some girls around so think there'd be some options at least


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  • I guess you have to widen the horizon and look for dates in other places. Out of town.


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