A little bit confused?

Hello there, i met a girl 3 weeks ago now at a party and it was the last couple hours of the party in which i met her, she came outside an started talking to me and instantky hit it off and we chatted all night and had a great laugh.

Weve been texting a lot since then and we click really well and she ended up coming out last weekend and we hit it off even better this time, pretty much spent the whole night together havin a cuddle etc.

When we were out last weekend we were talkin about me coming up to see her and we previously said we were going to take it slow so i was going to stop at a friends instead and we were gonna spend the day together.

But she said i could stay at her house instead which i was fine with, now she has texted me tonight and said she was havin a think an said could i look into a hotel, i was a little taken abacl but said yeh thats cool and understands she wants to take it slow, but about 5 mins after she said they are all too expensive and she would rather me go up there and not have to spend loads of money. So now im staying over at her house again lol.

Jus a bit confused as to why the sudden change of hearts, she said she is embarrassed by her place which i dont mind at all, but jus a bit confused as to why the change of hearts

Any help appreciated :)


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  • she probably wanted to take things slowly, but then realized what it would cost you for her actions, and decided differently. just don't push or pressure her to do anything and you'll be fine.


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