Is this dude testing me? Worth committing to?

I've been seeing this guy that I've met through a dating site for a few months now. He's 10 years older than me, no baggage or ex-wife, independent.
The sex is pretty good and he tries to satisfy me in/outside of bed, makes me feel feminine and desired.
It's just he's been lately dropping hints about his fantasy (threesome) and was curious if I ever made out with a girl before. I know that it's normal to fantasize, but he just won't let it go. He thinks that MMF combo 'doesn't feel right'. Then after our morning session, as we were lying in bed, he commented on my moaning and how other girls were louder screamers, and added 'this is nice for a change'. I thought wtf? And then he noticed my expression and offered a massage. I like pleasing him and want to see him get off before I do, but I just don't know if he's over his ex (es). He's very affectionate, and even calls me his gf and wants me to meet his friends when i'm ready.
I guess I'm not sure how to communicate that I want to keep seeing him regularly, but not ready to go the distance, so to speak.
He's also a Scorpio, if that helps. Seems like a pretty intense guy.


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  • Just go with the flow on this one, tell him that a threesome will never happen and see how he reacts. A lot of guys have this fantasy, but most of them don't get the chance to act on it. You both have to be comfortable in any sex act/role play/fantasy you may have.
    Good luck

    • Well it's not like I'm in love with him, but I do like the way he treats me and do the same back. We talk pretty freely about sex in bed too. i don't think he's the type that wants to share me with another guy (s). I could try saying next time he brings it up' 'sure babe. A long as we can pick up a guy too and you could watch him have his way with me'. To be fair lol

    • It's very rare that a guy will want to share his girl with another man, same as a woman wanting to share her man with another woman.
      If you are both happy with the scenario you have mentioned, him watching another guy have sex with you, and you having a threesome with another girl and him, then go for it, but make sure everyone involved is happy and play safe.

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  • don't know, you know best. Just keep testing him for the answer... G@G'ers are not in bed with you.

    If he pushes it tell him you will try the MMF. He wants other girls so of course he is after a MFF.


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