GAGs, who would you prefer more? someone who has a lot of partners or few?

the question says it all

assume they're good in bed ( if thats a concern )

both genders are welcome to participate

  • more partners = more experience or less drama
    Vote A
  • more partners b/c i had many partners myself or b/c not a big deal
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  • less partners = more loyal
    Vote C
  • less partners b/c i had few partners myself
    Vote D
  • less partners, period
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i forgot to mention that this partner is the one you're marrying


Most Helpful Girl

  • I picked d because there wasn't my answer which is it doesn't matter as long as they enjoy the sex they are receiving and love the person. I have not had many partners but i have had more. sexual experience than my friend who has had almost 100 because she was just after sex and so were most of the guys... were i am more the type who wants to share that intimate time with someone I care for and experiment and try new things with and grow together as a couple.


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What Girls Said 2

  • less partners, period. a long history is a turn off. in fact, anything more than 4 is a turnoff.

  • I wouldn't want to know his sexual history


What Guys Said 3

  • More because better sex (I know you said that the person is good in bed anyways, but still is a factor for me), also, more experience in relationships means more disposition for solving problems, not arguing about stupid stuff, etc. and because you said that that's the person you are marrying, I want my girl to have had lived her life before commiting, i mean, think about it, a person that didn't had many sexual partners might want to try new people because he/she didn't do it in the past (just out of curiosity) If a person commits to somebody after trying a lot of diffrent people it menas that you are a perfect match and that goes both ways. I feel that my English was particullary sucky here, hope I was clear enough lol

    • I forgot to mention that amount of partners is very down on my priority list anyways!

  • Doesn't matter to me really. I don't ask about her sexual history, I don't want to hear it, & I certainly won't tell her mine, no matter how pissy she gets.

    • same here. but what if we are talking about someone serious. will probably end up marrying

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    • @punkbuster107 you have a point. When I say I don't want to hear it, they start "letting details slip" or if I'm adamant about keeping my details private, then the interrogation begins. It gets on my nerves.

    • @imdaonedatgotaway I give up. It would appear that our usages of the English language are incompatible and we do not possess enough commonality for the basic conveying of thoughts.

  • doesn't matter to me tbh

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