Something sexy I could wear for my boyfriends birthday?

I new something sexy i can wear for my boyfriends birthday. I'm shyer than he is (he's actually really outgoing) and usually makes the first move or sex so I'd like to return the favor. Anyways though what's something sexy I could wear when we go out and when we get home. He likes that I really sweet and says he likes me in cute things like pale pink. So if you have any suggestions that'd be awesome


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  • My ex once had some really bright pink lingerie (bra, panties and knee high stockings) and that worked great for both of us. she felt sexy in it and I thought she looked incredible in it. Nothing made my day like coming home and seeing her in that, or after a date out undressing her and finding that underneath...

    And This is just me, but even though I exclusively date "cute girls", once in a while, pulling off sexy is a huge turn on for me! so try to mix it up! if he does not like it, well now you know!

    May I also recommend being really controlling in this? like push him against the wall when you get back and throw him on the bed/you go on top.-I normally prefer to be n charge but sometimes having her do whatever she wanted was intoxicating


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